PLEDGEtalk is Coming to Oklahoma City!

August 25 – 26 at Crestwood Vineyard Church

About the PLEDGEtalk for Healthy Relationships Conference:

With your spouse, your kids, your parents, friends, and coworkers–there are critical moments in conversation that determine whether you will take steps forward or backward in your relationships.

PLEDGEtalk will help you spot those moments and know what to do with them when they occur.

When conflict happens, we all want to win.

  • What if there was a way to communicate so that both people win?
  • Women, what if you knew that in every argument your thoughts would be heard, valued, and considered?
  • Guys, what if you had a play-by-play game plan to follow so that you were never caught off guard or overwhelmed by an argument again?
  • Parents, what if you could end the fighting with your teen and finally connect?

With PLEDGEtalk, we’ll show you how.

Whether you’re in customer service, leading a team, or navigating a career move, communication at work can be challenging. With PLEDGEtalk you’ll be equipped to handle those challenges with clarity and confidence. You will discover how to listen and communicate in a way that both gives and gains respect.

August 25 & 26 at Crestwood Vineyard Church